COVID-19 Evidence Service

The Learnly Anesthesia/Stanford AIM Lab Evidence Service is currently dedicated to assisting front line anesthesiology providers in their efforts against the current COVID-19 pandemic. This page will be updated regularly with our work as we synthesize current evidence and disseminate it to hard working clinicians serving patients and their communities.

We invite you to ask us your COVID-19 anesthesia-related questions.

Amy Price, DPhil (Oxon) Senior Research Scientist, Stanford AIM Lab and Larry Chu, MD Professor, Stanford University School of Medicine and Director, Stanford AIM Lab and Learnly Anesthesia

Members of the Learnly Anesthesia/Stanford AIM Lab Evidence Service include: Dhwani Shah, Kathie Paul Wilkerson, Urvi Gupta, and Sylvie Dobrota.

Current Evidence-based Reviews:

Do not use anything in your home to disinfect contaminated equipment. Please do not heat your masks in a home oven! Our reports do not advocate or advise on practices and suggest that you strictly adhere to your hospital’s policies and procedures.

Current questions under review:

  • This section will be updated regularly