Anes 204: Medical Education in the New Millennium

Challenges and opportunities for innovation and digital disruption

Today’s Millennial medical learners are often disappointed by legacy instructional design that fails to address their unique learning preferences. The volume of new medical knowledge is outpacing our ability to organize and retain it.  How might educators disrupt outdated practices through thoughtful use of technology and learning design? How might MOOCs, social media, simulation and virtual reality change the face of medical education? How might we make learning continuous, engaging, and scalable in the age of increasing clinical demands and limited work hours? This interdisciplinary course features thought leaders and innovators from medical education, instructional design, and learning technologies.

Course Directors:

Larry Chu, MD, MS
Associate Professor of Anesthesia
Executive Director, Stanford Medicine X
Stanford University School of Medicine

Kyle Harrison, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor of Anesthesia
Palo Alto Veterans Affairs Hospital

Nikita Joshi, MD
Clinical Instructor, Emergency Medicine
Stanford University School of Medicine

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Proposed Colloqium Topics (Subject to change)

1) Introduction (Chu, Harrison, Joshi)

2) How humans think and learn as a framework for learning design and technology – Cognition and Learning

3) Bringing the patient voice to medical education – Digital tools for storytelling

4) Experiential learning and putting knowledge into practice: Simulation, Part-task Trainers, and 3D-printing

5) Connecting and collaborating online to empower learning in groups and harnessing distributed expertise – SOCIAL MEDia

6) Massively learning together, scaling distributed learning – MOOCs

7) Virtual reality and emergent phenomena – bringing virtual learning into the real world

8) Patient safety and the medical training process – cognitive aids

9) Including cross-cultural care in medical education

10) Interdisciplinary project-based collaborative online learning – The power of peer-to-peer learning

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