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Medicine X is a catalyst for new ideas about the future of medicine and health care. The initiative explores how emerging technologies will advance the practice of medicine, improve health, and empower patients to be active participants in their own care. The “X” is meant to encourage thinking beyond numbers and trends—it represents the infinite possibilities for current and future information technologies to improve health. Under the direction of Dr. Larry Chu, Associate Professor of Anesthesia, Medicine X is a project of the Stanford AIM Lab.

How is Medicine X Different than other Technology Conferences?

Where other technology conferences may focus on consumer trends or business-to-business needs, Medicine X will bring a broad, academic approach to understanding emerging technologies with the potential to improve health and advance the practice of medicine. Drawing on the best traditions of Stanford—an incubator of Silicon Valley—the conference aims to ignite interdisciplinary thinking and collaboration while encouraging a rigorous, quantitatively driven approach to understanding emerging technologies. In other words, the conference hopes to encourage “moon shot” thinking while actually offering the intellectual tools to make those ideas reality.

  • Medicine X
  • 2013
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  • Aimee Campbell - Reply

    March 17, 2014 at 6:02 pm

    I attended many of the Winter sessions and was very impressed with the quality of the speakers and appreciative of the interactive environment in the classroom. Now my friends are asking how they can sign up too, so I’m spreading the word.

    Thank you for hosting such a valuable resource and making it available to all.

    See you Spring Quarter!


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