Lectures, refreshed!

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Clinical Assistant Professor Maeve Hennessy, MD, came to the AIM Lab with a simple request: to help her refresh her Libero lecture on cardiomyopathy.  She knew that traditional didactic lectures can be made even more effective with modern educational technologies and interactive techniques, which make the learning experience more engaging and more memorable for both instructors and students.

Together, Maeve and the AIM Lab team of instructional designers brainstormed ways of taking her solid anesthesia science content and boosting its impact and delivery through intentional design. In Dr. Hennessy’s own words:

“This week after I had prepared my Libero lecture in the usual manner I really wanted to jazz it up a little. I had a few ideas about incorporating some different visuals and some music. I was unable to incorporate my ideas into the presentation, so I sought the assistance of our very talented colleagues in the AIM Lab. They were amazing. Their creativity and innovation knew no bounds. Education is clearly their passion and they transmit this enthusiasm and inspiration to the people they work with.”

Want to elevate your didactic teaching to the next level? Would you like to make your lecture more engaging using the newest educational technologies and techniques?

The AIM Lab is proud to serve the Department of Anesthesiology. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you accomplish your goals!

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